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Being fascinated by the sculptural aspect of the "garmented" human body and its two-dimensional illustration, I studied Fashion & Design and graduated in 1991 from "Fachhochschule für Gestaltung", Pforzheim, Germany and then went on to study Illustration and Photography at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York.
I worked as a free-lance designer for active wear but soon found the industry restrictive and not offering me a big enough platform to concentrate on drawing and markmaking. Focussing on Illustration and teaching Art & Design seemed to be the better fit. I moved to the UK in 1998. Since 1993 I have produced free artwork and in 2009 I gave up teaching to exclusively focus onto this.

Solo exhibitions

2013 Sefton Lodge, Liverpool
2013 Inka Café Bar, Macclesfield
2012 Gallery at Bank Quay House, Warrington
2012 "Fragmented views", MerseyBio, Liverpool
2012 "Transfigured Spaces", Barnaby Festival Art Trail, Macclesfield
2011 Cheshire Open Studios, at own studio, Prestbury
2011 "Canvas, thread & steel", The Arts Centre, Bollington
2010 B.O. Architecture, Bensheim, Germany
1997 Himmlisch, Rastatt
1997 Die Schule, Pforzheim

Group exhibitions

2014  Funky Aardvark, Chester: Cheshire Open Studios
2014  Contribution to "www.twothousandandfourteen.com"
2014  "Ghosts in the machine", with Sara MacKian, Charles Roe House, Macclesfield.
2013 Exhibition of Figurative Art, The Attic Gallery, Macclesfield
2013  Macclesfield Open Art Exhibition, Silk Museum, Macclesfield
2013  "Three Counties Open 2013", Keele University
2013  Warrington Open Contemporary Art Exhibition
2013  "Skarts - Stockport Open Contemporary Art Show", Stockport
2013  Eggspace, Liverpool
2013 "Echoes  - evolution innit?" , Barnaby Festival Macclesfield, with Erika Groeneveld and   
           Tony Berriman2013 
2013  Open Exhibition Grosvenor Museum, Chester
2012  Cheshire Open Studios, Castle Park Arts Centre, Frodsham 
2012 "Hospitality Re-Viewed", Baltic Creative, Liverpool 
2012 "Fabric of the Land", Geology & Petroleum Geology School of Geosciences, 
           University Aberdeen
2012 "Other Dimensions", Bebb & Sekers, Adlerle Edge
2012 "Abstracted", Marburae Art Gallery, Macclesfield
2012 "Reflections", The Art Lounge, New Mills
2012 Waterside Arts Centre Open Exhibition, Sale
2011 The Big Draw: "Drawing Perspectives" at Everyman Art Gallery, Chorlton
2011 Warrington Contemporary Open Exhibition
2011 "Inspired To...",  Warrington Museum & Art Gallery
2011 Cheshire Open Studios at Raw Siena, Knutsford
2011 British Aviation Authority: Heathrow Airport, Terminal 5
2011 "Muse of the 10th Night", Snowgoose, Macclesfield
2011 "The Open", Stockport Art Gallery
2010 Al Panino, Macclesfield
2010 Art House, Lindow House, Wilmslow
1997 42 Artists, Pforzheim, Germany


2014  First Prize, Funky Aardvark, Chester: Cheshire Open Studios
2013  3rd Prize, Grosverner Museum Open Exhibition 2013, Chester
2013  Highly commended, Marburae Art Gallery "Cheshire Open Studios 2013"
2011  Prize Winner category "Seasons" with "Cool cloud on memory lane", Warrington  
           Contemporary Arts Festival 2011

Qualifications and training
2002 Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (FE), Sunderland University
1991 - 1992 Illustration, Drawing, Photography, Pratt Institute and F.I.T., New York (post-gradutate scholarship with German National Scholarship Foundation)
1987 - 1991 Fashion Design (degree), Hochschule Pforzheim, Germany

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Preview night of "Ghosts in the machine"!

Friday 13th June, at Charles Roe House on Chestergate, Macclesfield, 7pm - 9pm

Sara MacKian and myself have collaborated on this project which looked at the creative ways of being a musician in the Macclesfield Music "industry".
We spoke to many musicians, and made these interviews the basis of our project and then produced visual artwork based on this. 
It has been such a fantastic journey and we seem to have only scratched the surface, ...talking to all these wonderful and talented people, hearing how they feel in their part of the musical world and for ourselves the project offered the callenge to   to find ways of visually responding to all of this. If only we would have had more time....

Come along to join us on Friday from 7 till 9 pm! There are more art exhibitions by other artists groups in the same house ....
This exhibition is part of Macclesfield's Barnaby Festival Art Trail and is open every day (as are all the other artists' exhibitions) from 14 - 29th June, 11am - 4pm.

Here is a link to our website blog ....

and here we are on facebook: 


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Looking at my own ghostly self whilst trying out a new technique....is bizarre to say the least...should have chosen someone else to do this...it gets irritating to see yourself looking strange and you struggle to focus on what you are actually trying to do...

Hard to describe your own artwork! It can be helpful to say a word or two about your own artwork, particularly if you show it online somewhere. But how do you put into words something that you have drawn or painted, and, actually, you feel what it is about, and it feels new in comparison to other artwork. But, you don't want to find words for  it. At least not yet. So, well, leave it. Make do with what you're prepared to give away as a label, not more....

More darkness in nature, longer nights...I can find something quite inspiring about that....it makes me think of goblins, ghosts and other imagined creatures and I can sense why people in times past came to construct such imagined worlds...

For now, I am re-photographing artwork, pasting it onto the Saatchi Online website, which can be a bit tedious ...trying for a quick run (shoes with studs to help with the mud) in between...

 picture on a scale....

Visit my studio on the weekend of 4th/5th May.
As part of the Cheshire Open Studios network, I am showing new work and techniques at 3 Castlegate Prestbury, SK10 4AZ.  Open Saturday and Sunday from 10 till 5! Just pop in, no need to ring or email. 
Any questions? Ask me on 07941 348502 or email sabine@sabinekussmaul.com

Find out who else opens their studios for the public at http://cheshireopenstudios.org.uk/

Cheshire Open Studios at Marburae Art Gallery, Macclesfield

Have a look at some of my artwork and the work of other Cheshire artists at Cheshire Open Studios' central exhibition at Marburae Art Gallery, Macclesfield, Athey Street, SK11 6QU. Preview night on Thursday, 18th April from 7pm.

Preview Hospitality Re-viewd
Our group show opens on Friday 14th September! We have been working in small groups and following the topic Hospitality....
Come along.

Cheshire Open Studios
See lots of my artwork, find out about the processes I use  and have a chat if you want at ...
3 Castlegate, Prestbury, SK10 4AZ, tel. 01625 820003 or mobile 07941 348502
Other artists also open their studios to the public on this date or on two other weekends.
For a download of the whole brochure, click on the image blow:

To celebrate the event, all participating artists (including myself) congregate for an opening show at 
Raw Siena, Knutsford

Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival
Two pieces of artwork have been accepted to go on show at Warrington's Contemporary Arts Festival
24. September - 29. October 2011, Pyramid & Parr Hall Warrington

Everyman Art Gallery
This new gallery just opened in July!
Some of my artwork on show at the opening night!
Everyman Art Gallery, Chorlton

Come along for an evening of visual art, poetry and music!
Five visual artist including myself will present artwork at ...
The Tenth Muse: A celebration of creative women
Snowgoose, Sunderland Street, Macclesfield.
Saturday, July 2 · 6:00pm - 11:30pm


Two pieces of my artwork have been accepted for the SKARTs
Open Contemporary Art Exhibition

Come along and have a look at this fantastic selection of altogether 150 artwork by curated by SKART's judges.

25 June - 14 August 2011
Stockport Art Gallery
Wellington Road South, Stockport, SK3 8AB

Tuesday - Friday: 1pm - 5pm
Saturday: 10am - 5pm
Sunday: 11am - 5pm
Mondays: Closed

Macclesfield Barnaby Festival 
17 - 19 June 2011
Using "threaded" drawings to wrap a piano for the Barnaby Festival was quite a new three-dimensional take! Spare spaces were left for the public to add their own stitches and drawings...

See more of the Barnaby Festival here


Solo Exhitbion of new artwork at Bollington Arts Centre

"Canvas, thread and steel"

Sundays 10th, 17th, 24th April and 1st and 8th May, 2 - 4 pm
Also open during public events at the Arts Centre.
To arrange a private viewing there at another time that suits you, ring me tel.  07941 348 502.

Click here to see large views of artwork

New artwork at Saffran Room, Prestbury
Newly opened restaurant "Saffran Room" in Prestbury exclusively showcases my artwork!
Paintings, string-art (fabric floats on top of canvas) and steel shapes to be seen on the new premises.
See some impressions of this on Lisa Reeves´ report on the opening here.
My own photos of this to come here soon.

Saffran Room
The Village
SK10 4DG
tel.  01625 828220

Auf ein erfolgreiches Wochenende können die Designerin Sabine Kussmaul und die Bensheimer Architektin Barbara Olbrich zurückblicken. Am Tag der Architektur (26.+27.06.) konnten viele interessierte Besucher eine Kunst-und Architekturausstellung erleben, die im Büro-und Wohnhaus der Architektin gezeigt wurde. 
Besonders fasziniert waren die Gäste von der außergewöhnlichen Malerei von Sabine Kussmaul, die mit Nadel und Faden Zeichnungen auf Stoff näht und diesen mit farbigen Leinwandhintergründe kombiniert, wodurch Bilder mit unerwartet spannungsreicher Tiefenwirkung entstehen. Zeichnung war auch der Ausgangspunkt für die zweidimensionalen Stahlobjekte, die abstrakt-florale Formen oder Gesichter darstellten und durch ihre Witterungsbeständigkeit auch als Kunstobjekte für Garten-und Außenbereiche geeignet sind.
Architekturinteressierte ließen sich von den Räumlichkeiten der Architektin inspirieren und informierten sich über den zeitgenössischen Baustil von Barbara Olbrich. Klar strukturierte und ästhetische Gebäudeformen, lichtdurchflutete Innenräume und das spannungsvolle Zusammenspiel von Innen-und Außenräumen prägen Ihre Häuser. Barbara Olbrich illustrierte anhand ihres eigenen Wohnhauses wie sich ein übergreifendes, individuell entwickeltes Wohnkonzept bis in die innenarchitektonische Ausarbeitung umsetzt, um auch so der Individualität der Bauherren stilistisch gerecht zu werden. 

Architect Barbara Olbrich and myself show artwork, steel objects and architecture at her house in Bensheim, Germany on Saturday and Sunday 26th and 27th June.
Here is what the local German newspaper will print about the event and what you can practise your German with if you feel like it.

Kunst und Architektur in Bensheim-Zell – Tag der Architektur am 26./27.Juni
Zum diesjährigen Tag der Architektur am 26.+27.Juni findet eine Kunst-und Architekturausstellung im Büro-und Wohnhaus der Architektin Barbara Olbrich statt. 
Das im Bauhausstil errichtete Gebäude bildet den Rahmen für eine Ausstellung der Designerin Sabine Kussmaul, die moderne Malerei und Metallobjekte im Innen-und Gartenbereich präsentiert. Sabine Kussmaul produziert flache Stahlobjekte, die als Umsetzung von figürlichen Zeichnungen und als dekorative Wandobjekte für den Innenbereich und für Außenräume gestaltet sind. Ihre Arbeiten auf Leinwand beschäftigen sich mit Landschaft und Erdoberfläche und deren Verbindung zu gebauten Strukturen.
Für Architekturinteressierte informiert Barbara Olbrich über realisierte und projektierte individuelle Wohnhäuser. Die Architektur von Barbara Olbrich setzt auf ästhetische und klar strukturierte Gebäudeformen, lichtdurchflutete Innenräume und das spannungsvolle Zusammenspiel von Innen-und Außenräumen. Individuelle Wohnkonzepte werden ermöglicht durch flexible Grundrisse, die auch für zukünftige Änderungen der Innenraumnutzung Rechnung tragen. Die Architektin berät und betreut bei Entscheidungen für die Umsetzung von energetischen Konzepten (z.B. Energie-Effizienzhaus oder Passivhaus).

Öffnungszeiten: Samstag 26.Juni von 12-17 Uhr, Sonntag 27.Juni von 11-15 Uhr 
Ort: Am Haag 8, Bensheim-Zell 
Kontakt: Barbara Olbrich, Tel. 06251-8696717, e-mail: info@bo-architektur.de

22nd March 2010
Architect Barbara Olbrich (www.barbaraolbrich.de) and myself are teaming up to showcase her architecture and my artwork in Bensheim/Germany and see what relationship art and architecture are able to forge in our case.

Date for the event is Sat. 26th and Sun. 27th June at "Am Haag 8", 64625 Bensheim, Germany.

Barbara builds Bauhaus-inspired contemporary-style houses. She uses clear white and dark/grey shapes set against natural materials to make up an intricate but elegant configuration of cubes and plains to create living spaces flooded with daylight.
I am excited about how we will intermingle out ideas.

I am planning to exhibit artwork on canvas and steel objects. (sabinekussmaulsteelart.blogspot.com)


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For buying artwork, comissions and further information, email  sabine@sabinekussmaul.com or ring at (+44) 07941 348502.

See what else is going on in my artworld at my facebook page, here


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I am intrigued by the universal nature of structures and patterns.
Some obviously visual, others with no direct visual representation, I am fascinated to discover them as networks of lines, if temporary or permanent.
The surface of the Earth, footprints of animal movement on snow, erosion of riverbeds, a geological cross section through sediment. All of those are inspiring manifestations of a more complex “weave” of life's features of which those generated from data are equally relevant, like the spectral analysis of the light of the atmosphere, graphs illustrating the population numbers of birds on a Scottish Island or the mortality of mothers in childbirth in developing countries.
All such structures are affected by change – essentially change in a sequential time frame. This notion of change is fascinating to comprehend and distils itself into the art-making process and then into its process of “usage”.

Textures and patterns as described above appear to me like background contexts or “environments”. I perceive them as the platforms on which events happen, or, in a more visual sense, shapes and constructions are becoming manifest. The design of shapes, some designed by nature, e.g. leaves, the body of an insect, a termite hive, a blood cell,  others constructed by man, bear an interesting relationship to its background context, like a building relating to the environment in which it is constructed or the design of an animal's body as a functional response to its living conditions.

Architecture and clothing are two such constructions that are typical of man's intentional relationship to its environment and an expression of his/her self-understanding.
With a background in Fashion & Design, I am much interested in the design of garments and how they “house” our bodies and relate us to our environment and life-style.
In a wider sense, architecture provides a similar relationship but is more permanent in its expressions.
I like to use architecture in the context of an image in a metaphorical, poetical way to “house” or provide “shelter” for a feeling, a mood, a memory and I like to play with the notion of inside and outside.

In my thread and canvas artworks I use drawings made from thread and stitched onto transparent fabric, which are then suspended over a canvas background. The activity of weaving and sewing is one of the most archaic processes of creating. Letting the drawing develop on its (canvas and painted) background “atmosphere” it appears like some small event occuring, delicate and with a temporary nature to it, as one of many possible ones. String and line as solitary elements are forming recognisable images, but are also playing with their own deconstruction.

Shapes and drawings cut from steel are permanent, some have even got sharp edges. This nature contrasts heavily with the fragility of a drawn image, binding them both together by this opposition and the shadows they cast onto the same background.


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Click on the links below to see flickr slideshows of different groups of artwork.

"Weaves, threads, built environment" , ......click here

"Waves of change and light",...here

"Town & view",... here

"Three-dimensionals", .....click here

"People, surface, construction", ....click here

"Feathered, threaded, brights and steel", .....click here

"Layered and streamed", .....here

"Lines and environments", ......here

"Land and texture", ......here

"Object...?, building...?, .......here

Technical details for artwork in perspex boxes...here

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Last weekend to see "Echoes - evolution ..innit?" at Charles Roe House in Macclesfield..
We have had such an amazing response to this installation. 
It is open Sat and Sun from 10 till 5.

Added on by Sabine Kussmaul, visual artist.
It's the big Barnaby Festival Weekend in Macclesfield and our installation is on show at Charles Roe House on Chestergate, right in the centre of town. 
We are on the ground floor and in the creepy cellars...with sculptures and three-dimensional artwork (by Erika Groeneveld and myself) and soundscapes by Tony Berriman.

Added on by Sabine Kussmaul, visual artist.
This is fantastic! Barnaby Festival in Macclesfield has our Project "Echoes - Evolution in it" on show: As a group of three artists (Erika Groeneveld, visual artist, Tony Berriman, audio artist and myself) we have teamed up to create this installation of pictures, sculptures and sound. This way of working is pretty new to us, very exciting and experimental and it offers unique sights and sounds. We are located in Charles Roe House on Chestergate, Macclesfield. The experience is of a particular nature, particularly if you venture into the cellar rooms of the house....(no, I am not telling you more..)

Charles Roe House also houses other artists' work and is open daily from 10 till 5 (also during the big Barnaby weekend and the weekend thereafter) till Sunday 30th June. 

I am not showing you too many pictures here...see for yourself.

Erika's website already has a great documentation of it ...if you can't come to see it for real, click here .
And here are is Tony Berriman's soundscapes...click here