Added on by Sabine Kussmaul, visual artist.

"Silk road findings", 50 cm x 50 cm. Sold.
There is this temptation of wanting to find things just underneath the surface (of landscape, of a picture, some artwork) that work as a reminder of a story or something that really did happen.
Where I live, there is this double carriage way called the Silk Road. People used it to transport silks - yard and woven cloth - along it. A lot of its history is not that easily revealed ... and I like to think of the parallelisms with the Silk Road in Central Asia.

134 cm x 65 cm, including the frame.
A thin layer of fabric carries delicate drawings in thread. These float above a layer of acrylic abstracts hinting at a landscape. The scenes are taken from places in Manchester town centre.... try to find the statue of Queen Victoria.