Added on by Sabine Kussmaul, visual artist.
"Hospitality" a theme for new artwork
In collaboration with three other textiles artists, I working on new artwork that has the topic "hospitality" as its theme. As part of Liverpool's Biennial for 2012, artists from Review Textiles (that's our group's name) we are working towards a body of new artwork to be on show at the Baltic Liverpool later in the year. In small groups, we all start some artwork and then pass it across to the next person who then carries on the work. 

I find it rather difficult to find visual ways of dealing with this topic. So far, I have printed a sequence of photographic images on fabric... which showed scenes that were rather empty and bland. Like the feeling you might get when you come to a new environment, and you feel like an outsider and don't understand the context.
My aim was to carry on with each image and add people and human interaction to it.

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