Added on by Sabine Kussmaul, visual artist.
Transfigured Spaces at Barnaby Festival Macclesfield
Great to see so many people come to my show at Short House off 108 Steps in Macclesfield.
I have had so many interesting conversations with people about artwork, my artwork, about what we see and how we see and think about things ... I have started to take notes just in case I forget what has being said....

One comment really stuck out for me ... Helen Walford came with her guitar to sing on the opening night and we chatted about the "fabric" of things and how one thread is rather fragile and thin, but several threads woven together can produce such strong textures... Helen thought it was the obvious thing, "making yourself stronger through yourself" and "is that not actually what we people do all the time?"... How fascinating to find the same thing going on between "the living texture of people" and woven fabrics that people make... Thanks, Helen.. made me think a lot.