Added on by Sabine Kussmaul, visual artist.
This is fantastic! Barnaby Festival in Macclesfield has our Project "Echoes - Evolution in it" on show: As a group of three artists (Erika Groeneveld, visual artist, Tony Berriman, audio artist and myself) we have teamed up to create this installation of pictures, sculptures and sound. This way of working is pretty new to us, very exciting and experimental and it offers unique sights and sounds. We are located in Charles Roe House on Chestergate, Macclesfield. The experience is of a particular nature, particularly if you venture into the cellar rooms of the house....(no, I am not telling you more..)

Charles Roe House also houses other artists' work and is open daily from 10 till 5 (also during the big Barnaby weekend and the weekend thereafter) till Sunday 30th June. 

I am not showing you too many pictures here...see for yourself.

Erika's website already has a great documentation of it ...if you can't come to see it for real, click here .
And here are is Tony Berriman's here