Throughout all stages of my creative practise, drawing has been an important tool for developing my own approach to a new creative challenge. I use the drawing process as a goal in itself to connect my visual observation and cognitive processes with the momentary
but also as a process that is part of a wider artistic agenda.  

Since October 2016 I have started to  explore the relationship between self and environment. My particular approach is based on experiencing the environment by journeying over land, using my own feet and travelling mostly at the speed of running. Running engages the individual in its own unique way as different spatial scenarios change quicker than in walking. The experience offers ever changing configurations of the momentary through combinations of weather, ground-texture, breathing, bird song, aircraft noise, cold or heat, emerging memories and visual impressions. This special way of being physically engaged with the experience impacts on the relationship between the individual and the land and it throws the runner back at the inner landscape of self. Aspects of exposure, endurance and limitations become obvious.

With my artwork, I aim to tap into this stream of experience to reveal and use the interactivity between runner and land, but also to let the artwork agenda change the running practice.

I use drawing to plan, record and comment on journeys undertaken. I also take sound recordings of the environment. In the studio, I use drawing on paper to create a parallel landscape of line movement, creating a territory of lines, letters and code, and using folding and sewing to produce layers and three-dimensionality.

Outside on the land, I make line installations with stretchy rubber bands, in an attempt to respond to spatial situations encountered when moving about. I use video to account for the relationship between the line structure, its place, the environment’s variables like wind, rain and light; and myself, making and moving around the constructions.

As my work is focused on exploring processes of change, movement and transition and the relationship between individuals and places, I hope it has the potential to address issues of disconnectedness between people and places by focusing on dynamic relationships. 
I am based close to Macclesfield, Cheshire, UK.