Project: Ghosts in the machine

What does it feel like to be a musician in your part of the musical industry?
What are the troubles, the haunts and ghosts, the highs and lows of playing music? 
Sara MacKian and myself spoke to nearly 30 musicians playing in the area of Macclesfield. We wanted to find out, how the realm of their creative activity is structured, what are the dynamics and connections and what are there parallelisms to a visual arts praticse. The interviews were published on, with frequent posts about the running of the project and its final exhibition on facebook. (  Based on these interviews and photographs that we took during their course, we (both Sara MacKian and myself independently from each other) produced two-dimensional artwork. These were exhibited as part of Macclesfield's Barnaby Festival 2014 Art Trail. The exhibition also featured a "time-log room" with photographs and artefacts to do with the Macclesfield Music Scene and a "jam room" where everybody with an interest or curiosity in music or musical instruments could produce some sounds....This also included a video projection of musicians listening to music and acting "as spectators" as well as a compilation of audio recordings of people, sounds and situations from the Macclesfield music scene. 


The interviews...


The artwork...



The exhibition and events