If you are interested in purchasing some of my artwork, want to find out about about prices and if you would like to see additional views or have questions, please, get in touch. Either email me on sabine@sabinekussmaul.com or ring or text on (44) 07941 348502. 
I have quite a bit of experience in professionally packaging artwork for transport with a range of courier options. In certain cases, a personal delivery might also be an option. Please ask. 

All my artwork is framed by a professional framer who is local to where I am based. Please ask for extra photographs about such detail of my work. I can also arrange for alternative framing methods....
In some instances, some of my artwork needs special packaging. In these cases, I will get help from my framer who is highly experienced in packaging artwork for international transport. 
The following two internet art galleries feature my artwork. They have a selection of my works on show. I have more work available for sale than you see on these pages.
Saatchi's website has its own courier service included, so you don't have to converse with me about it. I will just package and get it ready for them to send me their courier to pick up.