For buying art:

Both above sites artwork sales websites. You can purchase my work from there and also find many other artits' work. These sites work with their own courier services. For more information about buying my artwork, go to the "Buy" section of this website.


Artist directory: 

Axis is a brilliant information and data base for practitioners of applied and fine arts run by the British Arts Council. You will find information about education, biography, career paths etc about each individual artist.
Great search facilities.


Social networking: has a light-hearted entertaining approach to my visual arts practise and is a updated all the time.



These two relate to an ongoing project called "Ghosts in the machine", about music,  the ways of being a musician (based on work in relation to the Macclesfield Music Scene) and its link to visual arts. This is in conjunction with researcher and artist Sara MacKian.


Regular posts and updates:

This is a blog with a long sequence of visuals that I find interesting, intriguing, strange...and of which I can't quite say, what makes out their attraction for me. So I log them, and wonder about them...They are a kind of virtual sketchbook of the unspecified kind.

You can write whatever you would like and turn it into a link like this:
This blog is my current digital work log where I use the blog format to post my thoughts, questions to self  and "temporary" visuals. It may not be interesting to everybody, ...but, feel free to have a look. 



I used to produce illustrations for various customers. Though this is not really part of my work any more, it has been an important part of getting to do the work I am doing now. 

This is my old "web presence", which I used until this website came into existence. It will not be updated, but some people might like to browse around in past posts