Scoring process....all sorts of processes

Added on by sabine kussmaul.

I thought it might be an interesting experiment to draw 'plans' or 'scores' for processes that I am planning to do or experience. In the past I have drawn plans to give myself some guidelines about what to do with stretchy lines when I was taking them out on a run with me. I drew the plans, then, went out on a running journey. Back home, I amended and annotated the plans. 
The drawings together with the photographs created something quite interesting. 
Now I thought it might be an interesting experiment to draw 'plans' or scores for processes that I will be experiencing or undertaking. The anticipated processes for which I drewthe scores are of any kind: The process of making bread from a starter sourdough culture, the process of the unrolling of an afternoon at home, the process of playing a musical piece on guitar, the process of an anticipated run on any kind of terrain and area. 

The scores seem to be a plan, or a  thinking platform but also anotation for improvised activities. 
I want to find out more about the relationships between planning something, notating it, the system of notation as such, about improvisation.