Two hours in a field (a perceptive exercise)

Added on by sabine kussmaul.

I wanted to find out more about the role that movement played in the context of my work. And to what extent it really mattered that physical strain was involved or not. And, was it necessary at all to move myself from one place to the next, like I did with running? 
So I sat in a field, with plenty of warm clothes, doing nothing. 
The exercise was immensly interesting and it gave me a lot of insight about perception, my senses and the environment. I have rarely spent two hours in such a constructive kind of way. It all seemed to go 'further than art' but led on 'to life directly'......
As I don't want this post to be very long, I will try to summarise very briefly the mostly interesting points. 

Initially, perception seemed to be just what I heard, saw, smelled. Then, after a while, the previously perceived seemed to just be the surface of a wider perceptive context. And the the surface became porous. I felt, that different perceptive elements, like a sound from somewhere and a colour seen elsewhere, appear to become in relation to each other, and eventually also to be in condition of each other. Things became personified, subjectified. 
The experience of sound was particularly surprising as it seemed that I could draw myself closer to sound or further away from it. Like sound had that particular quality to allow me a choice how I wanted to relate to it.