Sound of sewing machine

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I joined a large group of musical improvisors to spend some days at 'The Gathering' at Drefach Felindre, South Wales. Maggie Nichols, musician and improvisor had invited friends and interested individuals to practice musical improvisation. 
Besides from the fantastic opportunities to experience myself producing sounds in the context of other people's music and sounds, we witnessed this particular 'gem' of sound production: A sewing machine was mic-ed up and its sounds, as directed by its owner, fed into the stream of music and rhythm, together with drums, percussion and a chello. A visual score was being sewn on the machine...and the sounds of its making included in the making of a stream of artistic expression on its own. 
Drawing, score making, using the sounds in the environment and those made by the drawing process itself....

(Oh, I did play guitar, as part of the event, ....)