Do you see inner images?

Added on by sabine kussmaul.

Can you tell me something about the "inner images" that you have, the ones that you see in front of your mind's eye....

Do you have fixed images for memories of people or places? - Do you have images that you generate on a daily basis, that move along with you and change whilst you go along in your days? - Is there blurredness/out-of-focus? - Sound? - Do they move?

I asked these questions to a group of people within a facebook group message. Not many people replied but those who did sent in most amazing short pieces of text. They revealed the most individual worlds (without being intimate) some rich and some less rich with images and/or visualised words, but all driven by an emotional dynamic that gave the ultimate meaning to the symbols in word or image form. Fascinating. I might make this part of a future project.