Inner pictures

Added on by sabine kussmaul.

Think of events that have happend to you in the past and were important, do you  have "visual kennings" for them? Like visuals that always crop up when you memorize the event?

Do you have other "visuals" that appear in/on your mind's eye,  e.g. when you think of a certain person, or a certain place?

Are such images (of memories or of people or places") blurred, ...with colour....?

Have they got a certain format ("portrait"? or "landscape")...or a certain shape?

Why is it interesting to think about all this and why do I want to find out more about this topic?

Hm. It might be that we should paint or draw or arrange images and understand them more like from within our own "inner image experience"....and this could bring a new dimension to understand "image-making" outside of our heads....?