The unfeelingness of flagstones

Added on by sabine kussmaul.

"The Hunger Angel" by Herta Müller talks about the experiences of a young man in a Russian labour camp during the Second World War. His feelings and observations generate new words, a new language...and once these new words are there, they ask for their match in his seen and lived world. I am deeply impressed about the "life-creating" power of words as you can read it in this book.  What Herta Müller does with written language, how does Visual Arts do it with our impressions? 
Still "under the influence" of this fascinating piece of literature, I looked out of the window,....and wondered how visual impressions could "animate" themselves inside us.  Like the green of the grape plant, relating to the flagstones, .....and the flags, in return, not knowing that they have been entered into a dialogue...generate a response....."